Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in Review!

2014 was my first year in Chicago, and the first year I've been able to join some SF/F book clubs--one of the coolest parts of moving here. A lot of good reads this year, and a lot of good discussions coming up in 2015:

Check out the Science Fiction Awards Database for all the award-winners last year. Their "Frequent Titles" page shows all the most-nominated works, a good way to see what people were talking about.

For best-of-year SF/F lists, check out Goodreads, io9, Kirkus, and the Guardian. Significant overlap, but they all had a few books I hadn't heard of.

I wrote up a blurb on a lot of the SF/F I read this year if you're interested:
There are already over 50 Chicagoland SF/F book discussions scheduled for 2015, with many more to come--check them out on the Upcoming Discussions page or Positron's Google Calendar.  There's also a host of conventions, conferences, and other gatherings coming up, some of which I have listed at the Cons & Cons page. You can keep up with Chicagoland geeky events with the Chicago Nerd Social Club (check their Facebook, too), and many of the other book groups host events as well--check out their various websites, Facebooks, and Meetups for more info.

Here's to a good 2015!

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