Thursday, February 27, 2020

In Case You Missed It, So You Don't

Hey all! Day-job and other responsibilities have put a dent in my reviewing/writing time of late. But! Still keeping the calendar updated, and there is some great stuff coming up! I've also updated/streamlined the Book Group Page a bit, planning on adding a few more stable resources on here.

Two events to particularly put on your metaphorical radar:

  • Deep Dish is March 14th @ Volumes. Chicago's premier science-fiction reading event, featuring a slew of great authors!
  • Bucket O'Blood in Avondale is once again celebrating, not Lovecraft's birth, but rather his death. The Lovecraft Funeral Procession is March 15th, and is a good chance to celebrate Things About Weird Fiction You Like, while also acknowledging that HPL Is Super Problematic So Pretty Okay He's Dead, Actually. Also to drink some beer with fun folks!
Cons and other gatherings, upcoming:
  • C2E2 is this weekend! It is a lot! They've got a good roster of literary guests this year.
  • April 17-19 is the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention (mostly for collectors, I gather), out in Lombard.
  • May 2nd is the illustrious DePaul Pop Culture Conference; this year it's on supeheroes. Can't recommend these enough! Fun, intimate, one-day conference, great mix of academic and fannish energy.
  • It's already time to start thinking about Wiscon, May 22-25 up in Madison. Wonderful con, this year featuring Rebecca Roanhorse and Yoon Ha Lee.
Author events! There are so many! I'm sure I'm missing some!
Looking for something to read?

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