Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More page updates...

Starting playing around with the format and design a little, nothing too fancy, but it's not *quite* as minimal as it was yesterday.

Added a few things:
  • Upcoming Discussions page, which has the same info as the calendar but might be a little easier to browse. I mostly added it because it's easier to look at on my phone when book-hunting.
  • Archives page, not that there's much to archive just yet.
  • About Positron, if it wasn't clear.
  • A page on Conventions & Conferences, to be added to.
  • Added "One Book One Chicago" and "ChiSciFi Meetup" to Groups, Upcoming Discussions, & Calendar.
I want to add a "Resources" page with a bunch of miscellany, look for that later this week.

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