About Positron

Positron is dedicated to science fiction and fantasy book-lovers of the greater Chicagoland area. Chicago is home to many SF/F bookclubs, we have a lot of great events and cons, and both are supported by awesome indie booksellers and libraries. However, it can be hard to hear about these events. Positron's mission is to spread the word, help fans meet up, and provide resources for the reader.

The Upcoming Events Page is the heart and soul of Positron. It's also worth checking out our Facebook events if you're a Facebook user.

We post notes from book-club discussions, write-ups from conventions and other events, essays, and reviews, and have recently started podcasting.

Positron is always looking for contributors:
  • meeting notes from SF/F & related book-clubs
  • book reviews
  • opinion pieces
  • event notices and recaps
  • site assistance
  • graphic design
  • podcast guests & segments
Please contact us at positronchicago@gmail.com if you are interested. We are not currently looking to feature original fiction.

Staff & Contributors

Editor: Jake Casella
Jake Casella Brookins moved to Chicago in late 2013. A native of the Pennsylvania Appalachians, he is a specialty coffee professional and cycling enthusiast. He is an independent scholar, with much of his work focusing on the science fiction of C.J. Cherryh, ethical philosophy, and generic & narrative structure.

Casella is Positron's founder. A fan of the open web since the days of GeoCities, you can currently find him updating his blog on Wordpress.

Podcast Co-Host: Michael John
In addition to co-hosting the Positron Podcast, Michael occasionally provides meeting write-ups for Think Galactic. He is a frequent WorldCon attendee, and main organizer for BikeCon.

Comments & Harassment Policy

  • Be Nice.
  • If you're not sure what that means, it means no threats, attacks, harassment, name-calling, or disparaging remarks. We currently have a moderated but fairly open comment structure, and will not tolerate any bigoted speech.
  • Please keep it fairly PG.
  • We encourage active criticism, but ask commentators to separate preferential disagreements from critical ones. In other words, don't attack people or works because or your personal preferences and tastes. We'd rather hear a critical celebration of one thing you love than a thousand condemnations of things you don't.

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