Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Group Forming: Late-Nite (and Virtual) Book Club!

From the Chicago Nerds Facebook, I learn that a new group is shaping up:
We're night owls, work late nights and ever changing shifts, our weekends are in the middle of the week -- all the things that keep us from being able to join a normal book club that starts at 6:30PM on a Friday night.
Join us in reading and discussing mysteries, science fiction and fantasy novels both old and new. Don't be surprised if we wind up discussing more than one book at a time -- good books seem to fly off their shelves, gather in flocks and demand attention all at once! Just remember: don't feed the villains.
This book club is based in Chicago, where the nightlife can be as nerdy as it is cosmopolitan, but it's open to anyone who wants to participate in Facebook and Skype conversations. Whenever and wherever we meet, a screen will be on-hand to let everyone participate, so don't let our metropolitan location discourage you from joining!
The Chicago Book Snuggler
They don't have a meeting place or books set yet; looks like Geekbar Chicago is a strong possibility. More info as I find out about it! In the meantime, check out their Facebook Page, and I've also added them to Positron's group listing.

Great to see a group specifically being formed to fit diverse schedules!

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