Friday, June 26, 2015

Lots of Upcoming Events

Just a quick note that the Upcoming Events list is looking very fleshed out for quite a while--particularly thanks to Think Galactic, Forest Park Speculative Fiction, and the Lisle SF & F Club, all of whom make their selections in glorious, calendar-sweeping chunks. Special shout-out to Lisle for also including books that sounded great but didn't quite make the cut on their website (page one & page two).

I've also updated some con & other information on the calendars. I try to include some of the major academic & fannish cons at the national level, regardless of location, if they're significant to the readerly population; for Chicagoland and nearby I try to keep a more comprehensive/inclusive list.

Keep checking back, as many groups don't select until the month before, so the calender is always getting populated with more. And let me know if I'm missing anything at Happy summer reading!

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