Friday, March 4, 2016

SF/F Authors & the Vietnam War

At a Weird & Wonderful meeting at City Lit, we were talking about the various political schisms in SF/F, and I recalled hearing about a paid ad in the late 1960s where authors made a statement about their position on the Vietnam war. Weird & Wonderful's June selection is Le Guin's "The Word for World is Forest" (1972), a work responding to the war.

I was able to track it down (Galaxy, June 1968). Galaxy is now available for free from

Some context. First one here is an article from Science Fiction Studies:
For ease of reading, here's a transcription of the ad. I tried to catch any misspellings:

We the undersigned believe the United States must remain in Vietnam to fulfill its responsibilities to the people of that country.
Karen K. Anderson
Poul Anderson
Harry Bates
Lloyd Biggie, Jr.
J. F. Bone
Leigh Brackett
Marlon Zimmer Bradley
Mario Brand
R. Bretnor
Fredric Brown
Doris Pitkin Buck
William R. Burkett, Jr.
Elinor Busby
F. M. Busby
John W. Campbell
Louis Charbonneau
Hal Clement
Compton Crook
Hank Davis
L. Sprague de Camp
Charles V. de Vet
William B. Ellern
Richard H. Eney
T. R. Fehrenbach
R. C. FitzPatrick
Daniel F. Galouye
Raymond Z. Gallun
Robert M. Green, Jr.
Frances T. Hall
Edmond Hamilton
Robert A. Heinlein
Joe L Hensley
Paul G. Herkart
Dean C. Ing 
Jay Kay Klein
David A. Kyle 
R. A. Lafferty
Robert J. Leman
C. C. MacApp
Robert Mason
D. M. Melton
Norman Metcalf
P. Schuyler Miller
Sam Moskowitz
John Myers Myers
Larry Niven
Alan Nourse 
Stuart Palmer
Gerald W. Page
Rachel Cosgrove Payes
Lawrence A. Perkins
Jerry E. Pournelle
Joe Poyer
E. Hoffmann Price
George W. Price
Alva Rogers
Fred Saberhagen
George O. Smith
W. E. Sprague
G. Harry Stine (Lee Correy)
Dwight V. Swain
Thomas Burnett Swann
Albert Teichner
Theodore L. Thomas
Rena M. Vale
Jack Vance
Harl Vincent
Don Walsh, Jr.
Robert Moore Williams
Jack Williamson
Rosco E. Wright
Karl Wurf

We oppose the participation of the United States in the war in Vietnam.
Forrest J Ackerman 
Isaac Asimov 
Peter S. Beagle 
Jerome Bixby 
James Blish 
Anthony Boucher 
Lyle G. Boyd 
Ray Bradbury 
Jonathan Brand 
Stuart J. Byrne 
Terry Carr 
Carroll J. Clem 
Ed M. Clinton 
Theodore R. Cogswell 
Arthur Jean Cox 
Allan Danzig 
Jon DeCles 
Miriam Allen deFord 
Samuel R. Delany 
Lester del Rey 
Philip K. Dick 
Thomas M. Disch 
Sonya Dorman 
Larry Eisenberg 
Harlan Ellison 
Carol Emshwiller 
Philip Jose Farmer 
David E. Fisher 
Ron Goulart 
Joseph Green 
Jim Harmon 
Harry Harrison 
H. H. Hollis 
J. Hunter Holly 
James D. Houston 
Edward Jesby 
Leo P. Kelley 
Daniel Keyes 
Virginia Kidd 
Damon Knight 
Allen Lang 
March Laumer 
Ursula K. LeGuin 
Fritz Leiber 
Irwin Lewis 
A. M. Lightner 
Robert A. W. Lowndes 
Katherine MacLean 
Barry Malzberg 
Robert E. Margroff 
Anne Marple 
Ardrey Marshall 
Bruce McAllister 
Judith Merril 
Robert P. Mills 
Howard L. Morris 
Kris Neville 
Alexei Panshin 
Emil Petaja 
J. R. Pierce 
Arthur Porges 
Mack Reynolds 
Gene Roddenberry 
Joanna Russ 
James Sallis 
William Sambrot 
Hans Stefan Santesson 
J. W. Schutz 
Robin Scott 
Larry T. Shaw 
John Shepley 
T. L, Sherred 
Robert Silverberg 
Henry Slesar 
Jerry Sohl 
Norman Spinrad 
Margaret St. Clair 
Jacob Transue 
Thurlow Weed 
Kate Wilhelm 
Richard Wilson 
Donald A. Wollhelm

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