Saturday, November 11, 2017

Think Galactic- Borders of Infinity

For the September meeting of Think Galactic, we read Borders of Infinity, a collection/fix-up by Lois McMaster Bujold, set in her expansive Vorkosigan universe, and centered on Miles, its primary character. Extremely brief notes below!

  • This collection was picked for ease-of-entry into the Vorkosigan books, which might be one of those "better in aggregate than any individual book" kind of series.
  • Noted a truly tragic typo in one edition—"Morning" for "Mourning".
  • Noted some very unselfconscious use of "our plucky intrepid hero" tropes.
  • Debated whether we buy "the thing with the hat". It's a fun scene, at least.
  • "It can't be a woman writing this character", and some sexual conduct issues.
  • Some questions/problems with "science fixes", the monarchy/capitalism & charity ideas.
  • Noted obsession with both Cordelia & possibly Bujold for "the babies".
  • Are any of these stories, or others elsewhere in the series, standalone? Not really maybe?
  • Contrasted with other sprawling but less-linearly-dependent series, like Cherryh's—we read 40,000 in Gehenna a while back.
Fun discussion, a bit mired in how much Miles' character/story relies on being part of a much larger cloth, which isn't all imparted to a reader of just this collection.

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