Sunday, August 16, 2020

Still At It!

Hey all!

Obviously, have not been posting much this summer. Very strange times with clubs/events mostly gone virtual, and, to be honest, the combination of pandemic and social crises has not been great for my writing energy.

However, a lot of clubs, organizations, and bookstores are going strong: check out the calendar of events!

Big congrats to the Hugo Winners! Arkady Martine's A Memory Called Empire is a novel I quite liked, and anyone who's been anywhere near me in the last year has probably had El-Mohtar & Gladstone's This Is How You Lose The Time War thrust upon them; it deserves all the awards.

The award ceremony was strange, at best, a going-on-four-hour affair that seemed like a long-winded celebration of ancient trivia and dead racists, interspersed with awards for and speeches by a vibrant, young, future-looking group of artists. Lots of smart folks with good responses/criticisms out there; you might start with The Mary Sue's overview if you're out of the loop.

Big news for us Chicagoans: Worldcon will be here September 2022, which is rad! Looking forward to that, and hoping to help showcase some of the cool stuff going on in Chicago. More info at the Chicon website.

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